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Pinehill Cemetary Wolfeboro New Hampshire
Jessee Whitten Sr.
Jessee Whitten b 18 Mar 1766 in Exeter New Hampshire d 17 Oct 1857 Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Ae 91yrs 7mos.

Hannah Allard
Hannah Allard h/w b 19 feb 1768 Wolfeboro New Hampshire d 23 nov 1849 Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Ae 81yrs 9mos.

Jessee Whitten Jr.
Jessee Whitten Jr t/s b 19 Oct 1788 in Wolfeboro New Hampshire d 4 Dec 1854. Ae 53yrs 9mos.

Stephen Whitten
Stephen Whitten b 19 Oct 1788 in Wolfeboro New Hampshire d 20 Jan 1819 Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Ae 30yrs 3mos.

Eunice Earle
Eunice Earle h/w b abt Aug 1788 Wolfeboro New Hampshire d 15 jun 1868 Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Ae 80yrs 10mos.

Eliza Whitten
Eliza Whitten t/d b May 26, 1813 in Wolfeboro New Hampshire d May 2 1865 Wolfeboro New Hampshire. Ae 51yrs 11mos 11dys.
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